Ambition, the Oxford Dictionary states is; a strong desire to do or achieve something. There are two sides to the coin of ambition. Ambition can be hubris and associated with greed and arrogance. This side of the coin can be defined as the excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, not for the […]

Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth conveys the message that ambition can be destructive and destroy societal norm and human kind. Shakespeare’s audience are provided with this knowledge by showing the degrading mind of Macbeth throughout the Shakespearian play. Macbeth’s fracturing sanity is a result of dire ambition which controls his conscience. Macbeth has handed the keys of […]

1st shot: Car (Long shot) (high angel) (Sound: Diegetic/ non-diegetic) 2nd shot: Vincent (mid shot) (low angle) (Sound: Diegetic/ non-diegetic) 3rd shot: Eugene (mid shot) (level angle) (Sound: Diegetic/ non-diegetic) 4th shot: Vincent (mid shot) (low angle) (Sound: Diegetic dialogue) 5th shot: Eugene (mid shot) (level angle) (Sound: Diegetic/ dialogue) 6th shot: Vincent (mid shot) (low angle) (Sound: […]

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